The Earth Mother, Given Flesh

A few little things before we begin

Some things to keep in mind when role-playing with me:

  • Out of character and in character. Keep these two separate. What happens in character happens in character, and what happens out of character happens out of character. Just because my character hates yours, doesn't mean I hate you.
  • Non-consent character. There are a few minor things I will not do, however, and those are things I am adamant about. I will not permanently kill Tykari. She is my pride and joy, my most advanced character to date. Secondly, you will notice larger text below. That is non-negotiable. Do not ask, do not hint, nothing. The closest I may come to such a thing is a kiss and an embrace, but do not even think you will get that much from her with only one or two interactions.
  • Rated T18+. I will get into situations that may end up violent or perhaps sexy and I don't mind details.
  • Creativity. This is more of a personal preference is all, not so much a rule. Don't skimp on your posts if you can help it. The more descriptive you are, the more descriptive I'll be.
Going to work on moving Tykari's info all to RPR, it seems the consensus is that people prefer I do it all there. The move will be made and I will be working on it over the coming weeks. Let's just hope everything transfers over okay!